Monday, June 30, 2008

Catch the Fever

An interesting new company has combined environmental sustainability, fashion and affordability into an exciting line of women’s clothing. In keeping with the theme, “Helping to sustain the world in which we love to travel,” Fever Resort and Cruisewear has officially launched its line of environmentally friendly resort wear just in time for summer.

Partners Erika Mullings and Colleen Elston bring a shared passion for the environment, decades of experience and creativity to their new company. Erika is the former head designer for Paula Lishman and winner of the Recycling Council of Ontario’s Revamp Fashion Design Award. Revamp invites young designers to create one-of-a-kind fashions from recycled materials. Colleen has run a successful custom design business for three decades, specializing in athletic sportswear.

“We wanted to use fabrics that are sustainable – both in their production and their maintenance,” said Colleen. “That’s why we’re delighted to feature a bamboo/spandex blend in many of our designs. Items can be washed at cool temperatures; air dried very quickly and require no ironing. No chemicals are used in the production of the fabric.”

Together the team has created a line of clothing that’s luxurious, yet doesn’t compromise comfort or ease of wear. The garments are designed to be completely interchangeable. As an added bonus, several of the pieces can be worn in a variety of ways. For example, thanks to its innovative design, the “unlimited top” can literally be worn in a dozen different ways. The designers also recognize that not everyone is a perfect size 8 and have created clothing that works for virtually every body type and size.

“All you need for a week in the sun is five basic pieces,” said Colleen. “Which essentially means you can pack your entire wardrobe in a carry-on bag!” With prices ranging from $32 to $125, Fever Resort and Cruisewear is also very affordable.

“Our garments are made mostly with fabrics that are designed to breathe and wick moisture away which is a must have for any humid climate,” added Erika. Garments made from the bamboo/spandex blend are also anti-bacterial and biodegradable.

Print copies of the Fever Resort and Cruisewear catalogue are produced on Forestry Stewardship Council certified paper using vegetable inks. The catalogue is also available online for anyone who wants to avoid paper altogether. In addition, a portion from every sale is being donated to the Conservation Council of Ontario’s We Conserve program.

“We looked at a lot of environmental groups and we decided on the We Conserve program because it’s all about setting your own goals for continuous improvement,” said Colleen. “And that’s what we’re all about.”

Fever Resort and Cruisewear is sold through home parties. A fashion stylist attends each party and provides valuable tips on how to dress for your body type and how to maximize the Fever designs. As one final bonus, each sale comes complete with an eco-friendly travel guide full of great packing tips and simple ways we can all become better conservers.


Here’s We Conserve’s Top Ten list of things we can all do to minimize our impact on the environment. Rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10 and then set your own personal goals for improvement.

1. Save Energy - Change your lights, turn things off, get an energy audit, air dry your clothes.

2. Use Green Power - Buy green power, install solar panels, join a green power co-op.

3. Help nature - Grow native species, use a rain-barrel, help with community gardens and local habitat.

4. Drive less - Walk, ride a bike, or take transit, join a car-sharing network, buy a hybrid or fuel-efficient car.

5. Live local - Live, work, shop and play within a walkable, mixed-use community. For rural homes, be self-reliant.

6. Eat local - Eat local and/or organic food, try the 100-mile diet, eat more vegetarian meals.

7. Buy green - Buy environmentally-friendly products, invest responsibly.

8. Waste less - Practice the 3Rs, avoid excess packaging and plastic bags, compost food waste.

9. Prevent pollution - Make your home and yard toxic-free, dispose of hazardous materials safely, use a green dry cleaner.

10. Support conservation - Donate to conservation, support community projects, volunteer.

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For more information about Fever Resort and Cruisewear, visit or call 905-623-7873.


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